Winch Rope Extensions – Increase the Length of your Winch Rope

Winch Rope Extensions

In the world of off road adventures some times we all need that little extra length for a helping hand. We believe that’s why its always best to have a Winch Rope Extension in your recovery bag because at some point you may need it when you run out of rope on your winch line, which will leave you stranded.  Some of you may ask “Well why another rope?” and the reality of it is because every rope serves a different purpose. The Winch Rope Extensions are another safe way to winch yourself, or possibly someone else out, it can be used with a snatch block, and many other options of recovery. Winch Rope Extensions are made with Dyneema SK75 12 strand rope, which has a breaking strength of 21,000 pounds. Each Winch Rope Extension has soft eye splices at each end that’s protected with nylon chafe guard, as well as 6ft of the rope is protected by Nylon Chafe Guard to help protect against abrasion. Tactical Recovery Equipment Winch Rope Extensions come in 3 different lengths which are; 25ft, 50ft, and 100ft. It also comes in 4 different colors as well; black, red, blue, and orange

Winch Rope Extensions Feature:

  • Dyneema (SK75) 12 strand rope
  • 21,000 breaking strength
  • Available in 25ft, 50ft and 100ft lengths
  • Soft-Eye splices on both ends with chafe guard
  • Stronger than steel cable in equivalent size
  • Torque free
  • Light enough to float
  • Easily field repairable

The Winch Rope Extension also can be attached using TRE Soft Shackles or steel shackles. It’s another safe and easy connections while doing a recovery.