TRE 10/10 Club Rewards Program

TRE 10/10 Club Rewards Program

The Tactical Recovery Equipment 10/10 Club Rewards Program is a great way to earn free merchandise for your club or organization for events, raffles, club member appreciation or awards. TRE will give a 10% merchandise credit for every dollar your club members spend on TRE products directly back to the club. The merchandise credit can be used for the club to purchase any of our products. As a 10/10 Club Rewards club member, each of your club’s members can purchase TRE products directly from us at any time at a 10% discounted rate. The TRE 10/10 Club Rewards Program is an amazing free benefit to each member of your club!! With just a couple steps, your members can start receiving a club discount of 10% off every purchase. There is no cost or obligation for a club to join.


It’s easy to register your club or organization in the TRE 10/10 Club Rewards Program Just fill out the 10/10 Club Rewards Program Application and immediately start earning free recovery merchandise for your club, as well as giving your club members an immediate discount on our recovery products. Every 6 months (July 1st & December 31st), we will tally the total amount of sales from your club members and issue your club a merchandise credit for 10% of the club members’ total sales. For example, If your club members purchase $1000 worth of product, the club will receive a merchandise credit of $100 to purchase any of our products.


TRE 10/10 Club Rewards Program Benefits

  •  No Cost or obligation
  •  10% immediate discount to all registered members of your club
  •  10% give-back to the club on purchases made by your club members
  • Customer Service and Technical Support

TRE 10/10 Club Rewards Program Instructions


  •  Fill out the Club Rewards Program Application (must be club President or Admin)
  •  Once verified, we will contact you to let you know the club information is set up.
  •  Have each of your members create a personal account on our website.
  •  Collect the usernames and email addresses your members use on our website and submit them to us so that we can associate those accounts with your club.


That’s all there is to it. Start earning rewards for your members and club immediately.

Club OWNERS click here to sign up your club

Club MEMBERS click here for instructions to join your club ( club must have already applied and set up by the club owner)