Tow Ropes & Pulling Ropes

Tactical Recovery Equipment Tow Ropes offer a wide range of use for recovery. Each Tow Rope is made with heavy-duty, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material(UHMWPE) 12 strand rope that is fully sheathed in an orange heavy duty nylon webbing. Each Tow Rope has closed eye loops on each end that can be used to connect to anything using Soft Shackles or D-rings.  The nylon sheathing used on our straps allows you to use our Tow Ropes as a Tree Strap or Rock Strap in rough surfaces such as jagged rocks and trees. The Tow Rope can also be used as a winch extension.

Tow Rope Features:

Made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material(UHMWPE) rope.
Fully sheathed in a nylon webbing
Closed Eye Loops on each end for making easy connections
Available in many diameters and lengths to fit any recovery situation.

Tow Rope Uses:

Can be used for towing
Can be wrapped around rough surfaces such as rocks and trees used as a winch point
Can be used as a winch extension
Can be used for direct straight line pulls

*Note: Straight Line pulls are when you are using the Tow Rope to pull a vehicle using constant even tension. Our Tow Ropes are not meant to be used in a recovery situation where hard yanking is needed, instead a Kinetic Recovery Rope would be needed for that situation.