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Clean Your Synthetic Winch Rope with These Steps


There are many reasons why your synthetic winch rope can fail. A dirty winch line could be one of them. When dirt, mud and sand is caught between the 12 strand layers of rope it can cause abrasion. Abrasion is the most common reason for damaged winch rope or winch rope breakage issues. Maintaining and properly cleaning your winch rope will decrease damage and possible failure while potentially extending the life of the rope.

Following these few steps to properly clean your synthetic winch rope will help maintain the life of your TRE Synthetic Winch Rope! It  is best to clean your synthetic winch rope every time your winch line has came in contact with mud, sand, or dirt. Winch ropes are usually stored on the front bumper of most vehicles and subject to damage from chemicals and bugs caused during normal driving. While cleaning your winch rope, make sure to also inspect for abrasion issues, cut strands or any other damage.

How to Properly Clean your Synthetic Winch Rope:

  1. Remove your Synthetic Winch Rope from winch drum.
  2. Check the winch rope for any damage or signs of abrasion.
  3. Fill a clean bucket with warm water.
  4. You will want to submerge the winch rope into the warm water and compress the winch line together. Cleaning your winch rope with this method will loosen the dirt from the middle of the strands.
  5. Continue step 3 until the entire length of rope has been cleaned.
  6. Lay your TRE Synthetic Rope to dry.
  7. Spool Synthetic Winch Line back onto drum under tension while creating even layers and rows.

All TRE products made from synthetic rope can be cleaned using the above procedure including winch extensions and soft shackles

**Do not use a pressure wash, or a degreaser cleaner on winch rope. Also do not put your winch rope in the washing machine**



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