Synthetic Winch Rope - 1/4, 3/8 & 7/16 Inch - Replacement Winch Rope for All Model Winches

Synthetic Winch Rope is the Stronger, Lighter and Safer choice when winching. Our winch ropes are made from heavy duty,12 strand synthetic rope that is stronger and also lighter than equivalent steel winch cable. Our synthetic winch rope is available for all winches from 2500 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. Synthetic winch rope can be used on winches for ATV, UTV, Jeeps, Trucks, off road, military & commercial vehicles. It is easy to convert steel winch cable to synthetic rope on any winch. All of our synthetic winch ropes are direct replacements for worn out or damaged synthetic ropes and meet or exceed winch manufacturers specifications. Check out our Winch Rope Conversion Chart to find out what size winch rope you need for your model winch

Not sure what size rope you need for your winch, then try our Winch Rope Conversion Chart

safety thimble fairlead
TRE Safety Thimble Fairlead.Holds the Safety Thimble in an upright position.

Synthetic Winch Rope is Stronger, Lighter and Safer

Synthetic Winch Rope has a Breaking Strength up to 30% more than steel winch cable of equal size. Synthetic Winch Rope is constructed of a unique ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material. UHMWPE is an extremely high-strength, low-stretch rope ( less than 5%) that offers high abrasion resistance and great tensile strength. Each Synthetic Winch Rope is coated in UV Resistant urethane to protect the fibers from sun exposure. Synthetic winch rope is resistant to damage from most oils and chemicals and does not corrode like steel cable. 

Our UHMWPE made synthetic winch ropes are up to 85% Lighter than equivalent steel cable. Synthetic rope is light enough that it floats on water. Synthetic rope is the perfect replacement for steel cable when weight is an issue. 

Synthetic Winch Rope is a much Safer alternative to using steel cable due to its low weight, low stretch and recoil. Our ropes weigh up to 85% less than steel cable and its low stretch does not allow for a large amount of kinetic energy to build up. Our Synthetic ropes 12 strand design nearly eliminates the recoil that is found on steel cable due to its twisted construction. Steel cable releases a violent and uncontrollable untwisting motion when it breaks increasing the likelihood of damage and injury while winching. Our winch rope does not burr or splinter like cable. Synthetic rope is also easily repaired or spliced and easier to handle and spool on a winch.

Synthetic Winch Rope Features:

  • Stronger – 30% Stronger than equivalent steel cable
  • Lighter – Weighs up to 85% less than steel winch cable
  • SaferTorque-free lets the rope more likely to drop to the ground if it ever breaks
  • Construction – 12 strand UHMWPE synthetic rope
  • Sizes –  Many Diameters and Lengths
  • Colors – Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Military Green, Teal, Purple and Pink
  • Termination Hardware – Includes Steel Tube thimble or Optional Safety Thimble pre-installed
  • Hardware – Includes stainless steel drum attachment and hardware