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Safety Thimble Splicing Instructions

Red Safety Thimble II

 Safety Thimble Splicing Instructions for Synthetic Winch Rope

“Don’t Fear The Splice”

Parts Included:

Qty. 1 –  Safety Thimble I or II

Qty. 1 – plastic splicing fid

Tools Required:

Sharp pair of scissors/shears or razor knife

Electrical tape

*IF you are splicing your new Safety Thimble onto a synthetic new winch rope proceed to STEP 2

*IF you are replacing your existing tube-thimble/hook set-up, you must first remove these items from your winch rope before splicing. See STEP 1.


STEP 1 Removing the Tube Thimble: Most aftermarket winch ropes that have a standard tube-thimble termination use a brummel lock-splice. You will need to pull the buried tail out from the center of your rope. It is generally 10”-12” long and starts a couple inches below the tube thimble. Take your scissors and cut your rope right where the tail entered the long length of your rope. You may now disregard the piece of rope and any accessories attached to it.


STEP 2 Tapering your Synthetic Winch Rope: In this step, you will taper the end of the rope. Measure about 6”-8” back from the end. Pick out a single strand from the braid at that point and pull it out. Move out toward the end of the rope about 1”, alternate sides where you previously pulled a single strand, and pull another. Do this until you reach the end. You should have at least 6 single strands of rope pulled out. Using your scissors, cut each of these along their base where they exit the main braid. Using your electrical tape, wrap the braid starting from your first single pulled fiber all the way to the end. Cut the tape, you should now be left with a tapered end.









STEP 3 Installing your Winch Rope on the Safety Thimble: Take your Safety Thimble and insert the tapered end of your winch rope through one of the holes in the base of the Safety Thimble. Pull out enough rope to go around the top groove of the Safety Thimble eye and put the tail through the other open hole. Pull a length of tail minimum 16”-18” below the base of the Thimble. This is important and will be the strength point of your long buried-tail splice!








STEP 4: Using the provided splicing fid and your electrical tape, take the end of your tapered rope and tape it to the end of the splicing fid. Be sure you make smooth overlapping wraps to avoid a snag while burying the tail.







Step 5 Burying the Eye Splice: As close to the base of the Safety Thimble as possible, use the end of the fid to open a hole in the center of the main rope. You may have to gently alternate a few strands to find the exact center. Now slide the fid into the center hole, slowly guide the fid inside the center of the rope. Think of it like a “Chinese Hand-cuff”. Once you reach the end of the slack at the base of the winch thimble, you can exit the splicing fid from the center of the rope. Remove the fid from the tail. You may choose to remove all the electrical tape from the tapered tail, but it is not necessary. Hold the Safety Thimble in one hand and grab the rope just beneath the Thimble base in the other. Firmly slide your hand down the length of rope until you reach the end of the buried tail.










*If you have a sleeve installed on your winch rope, you may choose to slide it up to the base of the STII at this point.

*Upon initial pull under tension, this will “set” the STII and the buried tail.

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Jeep Beach 2020

Jeep Beach has become one of the largest jeep only events in the country, attracting thousands of participants and vendors from across the globe. Jeep enthusiasts gather in April each year to check out the industries newest products from over 200 vendors at The Daytona International Speedway. Jeep Beach also hosts official events throughout the week in Daytona Beach, The World’s Most Famous Beach.

Since 2012, Jeep Beach has donated over $1.8 million to local charities through the event’s week long fund-raising efforts. All proceeds raised are distributed to charities throughout central Florida counties. Title Charities for 2019 included, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Volusia & Flagler Counties, The NASCAR Foundation, The Childhood Cancer Foundation, and The Petty Family Foundation/Victory Junction. Jeep Beach also was able to support over 30 other 501(c)(3) organizations!

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Choosing the Correct Size Winch Rope for Your Winch?

safety thimble fairlead

It’s finally time to replace that worn out old steel winch cable? Or maybe your wanting to replace your current winch rope with one of ours? How do you choose the correct size winch rope?  What size diameter and length will fit on my winch? Many people assume that when they are purchasing a new winch rope for their winch,  they can get the largest and longest size they can find.  This is absolutely not true and can cause major damage to your winch.  If you want to know the details of this issue continue to read on, or you can go straight to our Winch Rope Conversion Chart to see what size winch rope is recommended for your particular winch model. If you don’t see your winch model, feel free to contact us!

Why the Correct Diameter Size Winch Rope Matters

Winch rope comes in many different size diameters and lengths to fit many different brands and sizes of winches. Let’s look at why it’s important to determine the correct size winch rope in both diameter and length. I will use a common 9,000lb winch for example. From the manufacturer, let’s say this winch originally comes with 100 feet  of 5/16″ diameter steel cable.  While you can simply use the exact same diameter and length in synthetic winch rope, it is common practice to increase the diameter size of the winch rope to gain an increase in breaking strength and working load capacity.  5/16″ steel cable is rated at 9,800lbs which is just above the maximum pull strength of the winch. 5/16″ synthetic winch rope is around 12,000lbs breaking strength. But, the most common size used on winches ranging from 8k to 12k is 3/8″ diameter for the reasons mentioned above.  Our 3/8″ synthetic winch rope has a breaking strength of 20,000lbs!

Why You Need to Choose the Correct Length Winch Rope

What about the correct size winch rope length? The “Rule of Thumb” we go by is for every size up in diameter over the original size winch cable or rope, you reduce the length by 15 feet. This allows you to run the larger, stronger size diameter rope while still maintaining the pulling power of the winch. Each layer of rope added on the winch drum reduces your winch’s pulling power.  Remember, the first layer of rope on the winch drum is where the winch can achieve its maximum pulling strength. The correct length also keeps from overloading one side of the winch drum during angled pulls. Very rarely do we get lucky enough to have consistent straight pulls. If you overload one side of the winch drum during an angled pull due to too much length of rope, the rope could come in contact with the winch’s tie-bars which can damage your rope and destroy the winch. So what do you do if you need more length from your winch rope? Check out our winch rope extensions!


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How Do I Attach My Synthetic Winch Rope to My Winch Drum?

If you just purchased a new TRE Synthetic Winch Rope to replace your worn out, kinked, frayed, and rusty steel winch cable, you may be wondering how it will attach to your winch drum. Most standard self-recovery winches use a screw on style drum attachment on either side of the drum flange. Many times these are in the form of a crimped on electrical lug, a pressed aluminum tube, or a crimped terminal in the case of steel cable. While the drum attachment screw should never see a load, these inferior style winch rope drum attachments leave a lot to be desired. Also, very few, if any synthetic winch rope resellers include the necessary hardware to help finish off your installation! You can damage your winch if you use an attachment screw that is too long!


pressed aluminum tube
Inferior style winch rope attachments: pressed aluminum tube
Cable drum attachment
Standard Cable Drum Attachment
crimped on electrical lug
Inferior style drum attachment: crimped on electrical lug

What is Special about Tactical Recovery Equipment Drum Attachment?

Our unique drum attachment design is secured to the winch rope by sliding over the tail end of the rope. It is then locked in place by pushing a 7″ to 8″ length of the rope tail through the braided ropes center. Once attached, it cannot be removed unless you physically pull the tail lock out, unlike all of the previously mentioned styles of drum attachments. The reason for the short length of tail stick-out is to lay across the width of the winch drum surface. This enables the first layer of spooled winch rope to bed and grip the tail which creates the strongest drum attachment! The T.R.E. Drum Attachment is laser cut from 12 Gauge Grade 304 Stainless Steel. They are then media tumbled to remove any sharp edges. Our Drum Attachment comes pre-installed on our new synthetic winch ropes AND includes the hardware to fit most winch drums. We include a correct length metric M6 screw, a SAE 1/4-20 thread screw, and a 5/32″ Hex Allen key tool to help ease your installation. We also have the Drum Attachment with hardware available separately if your current rope doesn’t have one, or if you simply want to upgrade how your current winch rope attaches!



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Is Your Winch Bumper Ready For Use With A Synthetic Winch Rope? – Checking Your Fairlead Mount Opening

Improper Fairlead Mount Opening

So you’ve already made the switch to synthetic winch rope or plan on making the switch to synthetic. Or, you have used your new synthetic winch rope and it failed almost immediately? How about you see abrasion on the rope and you have no clue how it happened? Chances are the fairlead mount opening on your winch bumper is the incorrect size for use with synthetic winch rope.  The fairlead mount is where your Hawse Fairlead mounts to and your synthetic winch rope passes through from the winch drum. During the winching operation, your winch rope will pass through your winch fairlead opening.  While the Hawse Fairlead acts a guide for your winch rope, it is rare to get a perfectly straight pull all the time. So the rope must come in contact with a smooth surface on angled pulls to avoid abrasion which damages the synthetic winch rope. If the first thing the rope comes in contact with is the mount opening before the fairlead surface, you have a huge issue.  The single most important feature of your winch bumper is the fairlead mount opening size when making the switch to synthetic.  Many winch bumper manufactures overlook this detail.  The correct winch fairlead mount minimum opening for synthetic winch rope is 1.75″.  We typically see openings of 1″ to 1.25″, this is simply too small for using rope and must be addressed. Don’t risk breaking or damaging your new winch rope by overlooking this!

ST Fairlead scribe line
Safety Thimble Fairlead with scribe line


How TRE Fairleads are Designed for Checking Your Fairlead Mount Opening

Fairlead Scribe Line
Scribe Line showing the correct radius needed in winch mount

Our Hawse Fairleads are precision machined with a scribe line on the back. This provides both a visual and physical indication of whether your bumper’s fairlead mount opening is correct.  We also ensure our fairlead design has the correct entry radius for the winch rope on the opening. This provides for the least amount of abrasion and friction during an angled pull. To take advantage of this feature, you test fit our fairlead to your bumper then check the backside of the opening. You must be able to just see the entire scribe line around the opening, OR by by feeling for the scribe line. If you happen to find that your opening is too small, you will need to enlarge it by cutting some material away.

How to Fix the Fairlead Mount Opening to the Correct Size

We have found it easiest to use a cut-off wheel to remove the majority of the required material. Be sure to wear your PPE. If you are uncomfortable performing this step, please seek help from a competent shop or someone familiar with using these tools. You must remove equal parts from the mount top side and bottom side. For example: If your current opening is 1”, then you will remove ⅜” material from the top inner edge, and ⅜” material from the bottom inner edge to get your 1.75”. Then use a dremel or similar rotary tool to remove any remaining material in the rounded ends. Make sure you do not leave any sharp edges! Test fit your TRE Hawse Fairlead again until you are satisfied that the scribe line is visible. You may also paint any raw surfaces if you so choose. All TRE Hawse Fairleads are manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum, Mil-Spec Type III Hard-Anodized, and 100% Made in USA!




Check out all of Tactical Recovery Equipment Hawse Fairleads







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Off-road Rescue Recovery Eh?! In Canada with kratos.jku


One of our Brand Ambassadors @ kratos.jku got called out for an evening rescue recovery.  Looks like this truck attempted a river crossing and had a slight miscalculation.  Matt was able to position his Jeep behind the truck by crossing the river himself, enabling him to perform a more direct in-line recovery.  Although not always possible, straight line winching or pulling is always desirable for the safety and strength of you and your equipment. Usually the one who is stuck gets to do the attaching if it is safe to exit the vehicle, especially if its in nasty mud! We aren’t sure who was pulling the synthetic winch rope to attach to the truck with the TRE soft-shackle, but we bet that water was cold! Using his winch, equipped with Tactical Recovery Equipment synthetic winch line with Safety Thimble II, Matt was able to perform a safe and quick recovery. This is a good reason to never go out alone, or without having the correct gear for the terrain.   His Jeep Wrangler JKU is equipped with our synthetic winch rope, Safety Thimble II, Safety Thimble Fairlead, and our Quick Release Soft-shackles for performing safe and smooth off road vehicle recoveries.

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Mile-High Jeep Club 53rd Annual All-4-Fun Event

We will be attending the MHJC 53rd Annual All-4-Fun event in Buena Vista, CO this year! 5 days of trail rides, A great Vendor Show, two raffles, entertainment, and all of the fun you can handle! We will have all of our products for sale at the event.

BFG/Discount Tire Off Road & Vendor Show

We are happy to announce that we will be attending the 2nd Annual BFG/Discount Tire Off Road and Vendor show! BFG and Discount tire will be holding this event on June 8th and 9th 2019 at the Northwest OHV Park in Bridgeport Texas!

Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase top of the line recovery gear! There will also be free giveaways, night wheeling opportunities, and a chance to win a set of KM3’S!

Bantam Jeep Festival

The Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival is a tribute event for the father of all jeeps, the history behind it, the people who created it, and its birthplace, Butler Pennsylvania. The event provides Jeep enthusiasts with on and off-road experiences to embrace the vehicle’s past and the lifestyle it now promotes.

The family-friendly event is held at Coopers Lake Campground, about an hour north of Pittsburgh, PA every year on the second weekend of June.  The Festival has on-site off-road trails, playground with obstacles, Jeep History exhibit, huge vendor area with 150+ companies and more!

he Festival began in 2011 with just over 1,000 Jeeps. The Festival set the Guinness World Record for the Largest Jeep Parade that same year.  In it’s fifth year, it broke that record when it welcomed 2,420 registered Jeeps to downtown Butler.  In 2018, nearly 2,400 Jeeps from 30 states and Canada attended with an additional 15,000 spectators joining them over the three-day event. More than 125+ vendors selling Jeep and off-road related items sell products during the event as well.  In the course of its eight years, the Festival has grown to include something for every Jeep enthusiast whether their interests are off-roading, history, military Jeeps, showing off their vehicles or simply enjoying the Jeep lifestyle.

The Friends of the Bantam Jeep Association, Inc. (FBJA) is a non-profit organization comprised of a group of committed volunteers who plan and execute the Festival.

Unlimited Off-Road Show – Nashville, TN

Presented by BFGoodrich Tires!

The show where off-road performance and lifestyle meets!
Jeep, Truck, UTV and Buggy enthusiasts come together to enjoy the top brands first hand, check out the hottest builds, find the best deals and enjoy off-road entertainment like nowhere else!

Large Vendor Show
Big Discounts & Show Deals
Innovations & Product News
Off-Road Course
Wild Bill’s Saloon & Man Cave
BFGoodrich Jeep Test Drives
Saturday Night Downtown Party
Friday Night Downtown Car Show
Off-Road Race Car Ride Alongs
R/C Course
Kids Activities
…and much more!

Friday 12pm – 6pm (activities w/open end)
Saturday 9am – 5pm


We will be at booth 135!!