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Clean Your Synthetic Winch Rope with These Steps


There are many reasons why your synthetic winch rope can fail. A dirty winch line could be one of them. When dirt, mud and sand is caught between the 12 strand layers of rope it can cause abrasion. Abrasion is the most common reason for damaged winch rope or winch rope breakage issues. Maintaining and properly cleaning your winch rope will decrease damage and possible failure while potentially extending the life of the rope.

Following these few steps to properly clean your synthetic winch rope will help maintain the life of your TRE Synthetic Winch Rope! It  is best to clean your synthetic winch rope every time your winch line has came in contact with mud, sand, or dirt. Winch ropes are usually stored on the front bumper of most vehicles and subject to damage from chemicals and bugs caused during normal driving. While cleaning your winch rope, make sure to also inspect for abrasion issues, cut strands or any other damage.

How to Properly Clean your Synthetic Winch Rope:

  1. Remove your Synthetic Winch Rope from winch drum.
  2. Check the winch rope for any damage or signs of abrasion.
  3. Fill a clean bucket with warm water.
  4. You will want to submerge the winch rope into the warm water and compress the winch line together. Cleaning your winch rope with this method will loosen the dirt from the middle of the strands.
  5. Continue step 3 until the entire length of rope has been cleaned.
  6. Lay your TRE Synthetic Rope to dry.
  7. Spool Synthetic Winch Line back onto drum under tension while creating even layers and rows.

All TRE products made from synthetic rope can be cleaned using the above procedure including winch extensions and soft shackles

**Do not use a pressure wash, or a degreaser cleaner on winch rope. Also do not put your winch rope in the washing machine**


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Choosing the Correct Size Winch Rope for Your Winch?

safety thimble fairlead

It’s finally time to replace that worn out old steel winch cable? Or maybe your wanting to replace your current winch rope with one of ours? How do you choose the correct size winch rope?  What size diameter and length will fit on my winch? Many people assume that when they are purchasing a new winch rope for their winch,  they can get the largest and longest size they can find.  This is absolutely not true and can cause major damage to your winch.  If you want to know the details of this issue continue to read on, or you can go straight to our Winch Rope Conversion Chart to see what size winch rope is recommended for your particular winch model. If you don’t see your winch model, feel free to contact us!

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How Do I Attach My Synthetic Winch Rope to My Winch Drum?

If you just purchased a new TRE Synthetic Winch Rope to replace your worn out, kinked, frayed, and rusty steel winch cable, you may be wondering how it will attach to your winch drum. Most standard self-recovery winches use a screw on style drum attachment on either side of the drum flange. Many times these are in the form of a crimped on electrical lug, a pressed aluminum tube, or a crimped terminal in the case of steel cable. While the drum attachment screw should never see a load, these inferior style winch rope drum attachments leave a lot to be desired. Also, very few, if any synthetic winch rope resellers include the necessary hardware to help finish off your installation! You can damage your winch if you use an attachment screw that is too long!

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Is Your Winch Bumper Ready For Use With A Synthetic Winch Rope? – Checking Your Fairlead Mount Opening

Improper Fairlead Mount Opening

So you’ve already made the switch to synthetic winch rope or plan on making the switch to synthetic. Or, you have used your new synthetic winch rope and it failed almost immediately? How about you see abrasion on the rope and you have no clue how it happened? Chances are the fairlead mount opening on your winch bumper is the incorrect size for use with synthetic winch rope.  The fairlead mount is where your Hawse Fairlead mounts to and your synthetic winch rope passes through from the winch drum. During the winching operation, your winch rope will pass through your winch fairlead opening.  While the Hawse Fairlead acts a guide for your winch rope, it is rare to get a perfectly straight pull all the time. So the rope must come in contact with a smooth surface on angled pulls to avoid abrasion which damages the synthetic winch rope. If the first thing the rope comes in contact with is the mount opening before the fairlead surface, you have a huge issue.  The single most important feature of your winch bumper is the fairlead mount opening size when making the switch to synthetic.  Many winch bumper manufactures overlook this detail.  The correct winch fairlead mount minimum opening for synthetic winch rope is 1.75″.  We typically see openings of 1″ to 1.25″, this is simply too small for using rope and must be addressed. Don’t risk breaking or damaging your new winch rope by overlooking this!

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Off-road Rescue Recovery Eh?! In Canada with kratos.jku

Off-Road Recovery In Canada! 

One of our Brand Ambassadors @ kratos.jku got called out for an evening rescue recovery.  Looks like this truck attempted a river crossing and had a slight miscalculation.  Matt was able to position his Jeep behind the truck by crossing the river himself, enabling him to perform a more direct in-line recovery. Continue reading Off-road Rescue Recovery Eh?! In Canada with kratos.jku

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Replacement Winch Rope for Warn Zeon Winches

safety thimble fairlead

If you are looking to replace your worn out cable or synthetic winch line on your Warn Zeon Winch, then look no further. Tactical Recovery Equipment offers a Replacement Winch Rope for Warn Zeon Winches. All TRE Replacement Synthetic Winch Ropes are made of Heavy-Duty, 12 strand UHMWPE synthetic rope. Each 3/8″ Synthetic Rope has a breaking strength of 20,000 lbs. The Replacement Winch Rope for Warn Zeon Winches are available in 85 ft. ,100 ft. & 125 ft. lengths, depending on which Zeon model you have. Each synthetic rope comes with 8 ft. of black durable Polyester sheathing to protect your synthetic rope against abrasion on a rock, or sharp tree. The Replacement Winch Rope for Warn Zeon Winches has two options for the winch termination, the standard tube thimble or a Safety Thimble.

*When ordering please write in the notes that it is for a zeon winch, and we will create the loop that will be needed for installation.

Optional Safety Thimble

The “Original” Safety Thimble II was the first “Winch Thimble”, designed and used in the off-road industry. The Safety Thimble II has been in existence since 2004 and is the safest winch termination for all synthetic winch lines. Not only does TRE offer 10 Synthetic Winch Rope colors but also 5 different colored Safety Thimble II. Each Replacement Winch Rope for Warn Zeon Winches ropes comes pre-assembled, along with all the hardware needed for an easy installation. Continue reading Replacement Winch Rope for Warn Zeon Winches

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How to Choose the Correct Size Kinetic Recovery Rope – Tactical Recovery Equipment

1 Inch Kinetic Recovery Rope

Choosing the correct size Kinetic Recovery Rope all depends on the vehicles weight. Kinetic Recovery Ropes, sometimes called snatch straps, snatch ropes, recovery ropes are the perfect recovery tool to use when pulling a vehicle out of deep mud, sand, snow or silt. Kinetic Energy Recovery Ropes have the ability to elongate under load by 30%, much like a rubber band, which allows it to use it’s own kinetic energy to help dislodge a stuck vehicle. Kinetic Recovery Ropes are safer than chains, cables and standard tow straps and and are also stronger. There are a variety of diameters and lengths depending on the weight of the vehicle that is being recovered. Kinetic Recovery Ropes from Tactical Recovery Equipment are made from Heavy Duty double braided Nylon that is coated in a Urethane Polymer coating that helps protect the rope against abrasion, water and UV rays.  Each kinetic recovery rope comes with heavy duty eye loops at each end allowing multiple ways to make connections no matter what type of vehicle you are trying to recover.

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Safety Thimble: Uses Less Connection Points with a Bow Shackle than the Competitors

Safety Thimble - winch thimble

Safety Thimble: Uses Less Connection Points with a Bow Shackle. One of the most impressive features of the Safety Thimble is the shape of the “eyelet” in the thimble. This purposely designed eyelet was originally designed for use with 3/4″ Bow Shackles (usually misnamed as D-Rings, but can also be referred as an Anchor Shackle). The eyelet on the Safety Thimble uniquely allows a 3/4″ Bow Shackle to be inserted into the Safety Thimble using either the “pin” end or the the “loop” end. Why is this significant? Because this allows the use of only one Bow Shackle to be used in a recovery. Winch Thimbles designed with just a round eyelet requires the user to use 2 Bow Shackles to make a connection. As everyone is aware, using less connection points reduces the amount of breaking points during winching. Less breaking points means less chance of a catastrophe happening while you are winching under a load.

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TRE Recovery Gear in Use at Winter 4×4 Jamboree 2018


winter 4x4 jamboree 2018

Winter 4×4 Jamboree 2018

An off-road event like no other, the winter 4×4 Jamboree gets bigger and better each year. This Winter 4×4 Jamboree 2018 marked the fourth year that Tactical Recovery Equipment has attended while being a silver sponsor and vendor. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect with a warm 65 degrees on Thursday and Friday. The Weather then turned into rain and snow on Saturday but that made it better for the mud puddles!

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