Off-road Rescue Recovery Eh?! In Canada with kratos.jku

Off-Road Recovery In Canada! 

One of our Brand Ambassadors @ kratos.jku got called out for an evening rescue recovery.  Looks like this truck attempted a river crossing and had a slight miscalculation.  Matt was able to position his Jeep behind the truck by crossing the river himself, enabling him to perform a more direct in-line recovery.  Although not always possible, straight line winching or pulling is always desirable for the safety and strength of you and your equipment. Usually the one who is stuck gets to do the attaching if it is safe to exit the vehicle, especially if its in nasty mud! We aren’t sure who was pulling the synthetic winch rope to attach to the truck with the TRE soft-shackle, but we bet that water was cold! Using his winch, equipped with Tactical Recovery Equipment synthetic winch line with Safety Thimble II, Matt was able to perform a safe and quick recovery. This is a good reason to never go out alone, or without having the correct gear for the terrain.   His Jeep Wrangler JKU is equipped with our synthetic winch rope, Safety Thimble II, Safety Thimble Fairlead, and our Quick Release Soft-shackles for performing safe and smooth off road vehicle recoveries.