Industrial Tow Rope – 170,000 lb. Minimum Breaking Strength – Heavy Duty Vehicles up to 100,000 lbs.


Industrial Tow Rope is the perfect rope for pulling heavy equipment used in Farming and Agriculture, Mining, and Construction. Our tow rope is made with Heavy-Duty, lightweight  UHMWPE synthetic rope and fully covered in nylon sheathing.


The Industrial Tow Rope is the perfect tow rope to carry in all Heavy Industrial Uses or any vehicle up to 100,000 lbs.**  Whether your Dump Truck is stuck in the mud, or Fire Truck is in deep snow or just need to tow your Semi Truck home, these tow ropes are the perfect solution. Our Tow Ropes are Stronger, Lighter and Safer than traditional tow chains and tow straps.  Each Industrial Tow Rope is made with High Strength, Low Stretch UHMWPE 12 strand synthetic rope with a minimum breaking strength of 170,000 lbs. is stronger than chains and wire cable in the same size.

Industrial Tow Rope Features:

  • Use: Pulling, Towing or as a winch extension for Large Heavy Duty Trucks, Construction Equipment, Tractors and Busses or any vehicle up to 100,000 lbs.**
  • Material: High Strength, Low Stretch UHMWPE 12 strand Synthetic Rope
  • Diameter: 1.25 Inch
  • Lengths: 20 & 30 ft. – Custom lengths available by request.
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 170,000 lbs.
  • Stretch: less than 5%
  • Weight: 13 lbs. (20 ft.) / 16 lbs. (30 ft.)
  • Sheathing: Fully sheathed in Orange Heavy-Duty Nylon (including the eyes)
  • Color: Orange

*Note: Straight Line pulls are when you are using the Tow Strap to pull a vehicle using constant even tension. Our Tow Ropes are not meant to be used in a recovery situation where uneven tension such as yanking or jerking is needed, instead a Kinetic Recovery Rope would be needed for that situation.

**For commercial use, it is recommended to go by the working load limit of 1/2 (2:1) of the Minimum Breaking Strength. Not rated for lifting.

Our Industrial Tow Ropes are easy to store and weigh less than 16 lbs. which is considerably less than tow chains of the same strength. Synthetic Rope is much safer than chains due to their construction and weight, as they do not release the same amount of kinetic energy when they break, reducing injury to the operator and damage damage to the vehicle as they do not retain the kinetic energy like chains. Each Industrial Tow Rope that is fully sheathed in a Heavy-Duty Nylon webbing to protect against abrasion. Each Tow Rope has closed eye loops on each end that can be used to connect to anything using Industrial Soft Shackles or D-rings.  The nylon sheathing used on our tow ropes allow you to use this product as an anchor point on rough surfaces in the same way that tree straps and rock straps are used. The high quality of synthetic rope not only makes it safer and lighter than chain, but also stronger!



Additional information

Product Length

20 Ft., 30 Ft.

Rope Diameter

1.25 Inch

Minimum Breaking Strength

180,000 lbs.

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