Safety Thimble 2

Safety Thimble 2

The Safety Thimble is designed to prevent the thimble from getting pulled into the fairlead where most accidents happen in winching, often due to winch “run-on” from electric winches.  The Thimble, unlike hooks and and standard steel thimbles, does not scratch your fairlead which causes damage to synthetic winch ropes. It is also the lightest and most versatile recovery option to be used with synthetic winchline. It is made of 6061 Aluminum and CNC precision machined making it the lightest and most versatile recovery option to be used with your winch. It was designed to be used with synthetic winch ropes and replaces the need for standard eye hooks. The Safety Thimble is designed and manufactured 100% in the USA.


Why use the “Original” Safety Thimble?

While there are some other products calling themselves a “safety thimble” , our design is the “original” Safety Thimble. This product has been tested for over 10 years and was designed by someone who is very active in offroad. There are many advantages to using our thimble over other products when doing recovery.

It rest safely and securely against your fairlead. Hooks, standard steel thimbles or eye hooks can go through your fairlead and get sucked into your winch which can damage your winch and fairlead.

It will not damage or scratch your fairlead. Most damage to synthetic rope is caused by scratched Hawse fairleads that cause abrasion to winchline when under load potentially causing failure of your rope.

Helps prevent the user from doing potentially dangerous recovery. Too many time we have seen potentially dangerous recoveries by users that do not properly secure hooks or other devices when doing a recovery. The Safety Thimble requires the user to use a shackle as a connection point on the recovery vehicle, making the connection point much safer than just using a standard hook.

The Safety Thimble uses the correct radius for use with synthetic rope. Synthetic rope requires a certain radii to be maintained in order to keep from reducing the breaking strength of the rope. By design, the synthetic rope is installed completely around the thimble maintain the correct radii at all time even under load to ensure that you are using the full capacity of your ropes strength. There is no other winch thimble that does this.


  • CNC precision made 6061 Aluminum
  • Anodized Black with Electrolytic Two Step Process. This is the only color we have found that resists fading.
  • Designed for 5/16 or 3/8 synthetic ropes and winchline.
  • Designed to be used with a 3/4″ shackle that fits into the safety thimble in either direction.
  • Smooth light weight design, that does not cause damage to your fairlead.
  • Made in the USA