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1 Inch Kinetic Recovery Rope

Choosing the correct size Kinetic Recovery Rope all depends on the vehicles weight. Kinetic Recovery Ropes, sometimes called snatch straps, snatch ropes, recovery ropes are the perfect recovery tool to use when pulling a vehicle out of deep mud, sand, snow or silt. Kinetic Energy Recovery Ropes have the ability to elongate under load by 30%, much like a rubber band, which allows it to use it’s own kinetic energy to help dislodge a stuck vehicle. Kinetic Recovery Ropes are safer than chains, cables and standard tow straps and and are also stronger. There are a variety of diameters and lengths depending on the weight of the vehicle that is being recovered. Kinetic Recovery Ropes from Tactical Recovery Equipment are made from Heavy Duty double braided Nylon that is coated in a Urethane Polymer coating that helps protect the rope against abrasion, water and UV rays.  Each kinetic recovery rope comes with heavy duty eye loops at each end allowing multiple ways to make connections no matter what type of vehicle you are trying to recover.

How to Choose the Correct Size Kinetic Recovery Rope:

3/4" Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope - 18,000 lbs.Choosing the correct size Kinetic Recovery Rope makes a big impact on your recovery. The strength of kinetic ropes are determined by the diameter of the rope. There are many different diameters to choose from 1/2 Inch all the way up to 2 Inch. When choosing the size of your Kinetic Recovery Rope, the breaking strength should be approximately 3 times the weight of the vehicle you are pulling. For example if the Jeep or truck you are recovering weighs 4,000 lbs., you would multiply that by 3.0 (4,000 lbs. x 3.0 = 12,000 lbs.) which means you would need a rope with a minimum breaking point of 12,000 lbs., which would be our 3/4″ Kinetic Recovery Rope that is rated at 18,000 lbs. Since most of the time you are choosing recovery gear to help recovery your own vehicle is is best to choose a diameter or strength that corresponds with the weight of your own vehicle.

Features of our Kinetic Recovery Ropes: 

  • Made from Heavy Duty double braided Nylon.
  • Urethane Polymer Coating to protect against abrasion, water and UV.
  • Heavy Duty eye loops on each end to make connections easy.
  • Available in many diameters and strengths.
  • Ultimate transfer of the pulling vehicle’s kinetic energy by elongating up to 30%
  • Absorbs jounce upon take off unlike cables, chains, or standard tow straps


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