1/4″ Synthetic Winch Rope – 9,000 lbs. Breaking Strength – Replacement Winch Rope for ATV & UTV and winches up to 5,000 lbs. | 10 Colors

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1/4″ Synthetic Winch Rope – 9,000 lb. Breaking Strength. Replacement winch rope for ATV, UTV and on most winches up to 5,000 lbs. Steel Tube Thimble end comes standard or choose  an Optional Safety Thimble II. Everything comes pre-assembled with 3 ft of Nylon Sheathing and all hardware needed for Easy Installation.

1/4" Synthetic Winch Rope - 50 ft.

1/4" x 50 ft. Winch Rope with steel tube thimble

Optional Safety Thimble I - Choose Color

Comes pre-installed and replaces the steel tube thimble.


1/4″ Synthetic Winch Rope –commonly found on ATV & UTV winches and winches up to 5,000 lbs., comes pre-installed with everything you need to replace your worn-out Synthetic Winch Rope or if you are converting your steel cable to synthetic rope. Each 1/4″ Synthetic Winch Rope comes in common pre-cut lengths for a perfect fit for your winch model.

See our Winch Rope Conversion Chart to find out what length of rope is needed for your winch.

Each 1/4″ Synthetic Winch Line is made with Heavy Duty, high quality UHMWPE synthetic rope that is rated to 9,000 lbs. and comes pre-installed with a standard Tube Thimble or optional Safety Thimble I, and 3 ft. of durable Polyester Sheathing.

*Note: 1/4″ Winch Ropes do NOT come with a screw-in type drum attachment. Most winches under 5,000 lbs. do not use a screw-in drum attachment and are attached by inserting the rope through the hole in the drum. If your application requires a screw-in drum attachment or a loop end, please contact us.

1/4″ Synthetic Winch Rope:

1/4″ Red Winch Rope with Tube Thimble
  • Use: Winches from 2,000 lbs. To 4,500 lbs. Commonly on ATV & UTV winches
  • Material: 12 strand UHMWPE Synthetic Rope
  • Diameter: 1/4 Inch
  • Lengths: 50 ft. – Custom lengths available by request.
  • Breaking Strength: 9,000 lbs.
  • Sheathing: 3 ft. Heavy-Duty Polyester
  • Color: Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Orange, Lime Green, Military Green, Yellow, Pink, & Purple
  • Termination Hardware – Includes Steel Tube Thimble or optional Safety Thimble I

** Each Winch Rope comes pre-assembled and ready for easy installation.

When converting ATV & UTV from steel cable to synthetic winch rope we recommended a Hawse Fairlead to be used. TRE Winch Ropes work with all standard Hawse Fairleads.

Synthetic Winch Rope Features:

  • Stronger – 30% Stronger than equivalent steel cable
  • Lighter – Weighs up to 85% less than steel winch cable
  • Safer– Torque-free lets the rope more likely to drop to the ground if it ever breaks

Optional Safety Thimble I:

Safety Thimble I - BlackUpgrade your winch ropes standard steel tube thimble to a Safety Thimble I. The Safety Thimble I, replaces hooks most found commonly on ATV & UTV winch ropes. The Safety Thimble reduces the number of connection points (Breaking Points) used while winching. The design of the Safety Thimble does not allow it to go through the fairlead opening, where most accidents happen during winching. The Safety Thimble also allows you to make a stronger and more secure connection than standard hooks. This option comes pre-assembled on your winch rope for a fast and easy installation.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions11 × 3 × 4 in
Winch Rope Color

, , , , , , , , ,

1/4" Synthetic Winch Rope - 50 ft.

Weight1 lbs
Winch Rope Color

, , , , , ,

Optional Safety Thimble I - Choose Color

Weight1 lbs
Anodized Colors

Black (Type III, Mil Spec), Bright Dip (Silver), Blue, Red

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