Industrial Tow Ropes - Heavy Duty -Semi Trucks, Heavy Vehicles, Tractors and Farming Equipment

Industrial Heavy Duty Tow Ropes are designed for pulling heavy vehicles such as Semi Trucks, Dump Trucks and other Large Vehicles and Farm Equipment. Made with durable, high strength UHMWPE synthetic fibers, these Heavy Duty Tow Ropes can pull just about anything and are more durable than standard Tow Straps. There are several different sizes and lengths of Tow Ropes available to fit any recovery or towing situation.

Industrial Tow Ropes make any Heavy Vehicle recovery or towing easier. Our Tow Ropes are Lighter, Faster and Safer than using traditional chains or straps. Industrial Tow Ropes weight less than 10% of what a traditional chain of equivalent strength weighs. Having a lighter weight reduces the amount of time and employees needed to make the recovery connections, saving both time and money. Industrial Tow ropes do not store the amount of kinetic energy like a traditional chain resulting in less serious damage and injury to people and equipment.

Advantages of Industrial Tow Ropes:

  • Lightweight – weigh less than 10% of equivalent rated chains – can float in water!
  • Stronger – Stronger than chains of equal size.
  • Strong – Made with Heavy-Duty UHMWPE Synthetic fibers that is resistant to water, oils and most chemicals
  • Faster – Can easily be handled by one person
  • Faster connections – Closed eye loops allow many faster options for connections
  • Safer – Tow Ropes do not store kinetic energy reducing the chances of injury and damage.

Note: Our Tow Ropes are designed and rated for pulling or towing NOT lifting.

Industrial Tow Rope Features:

  • Material: 12 strand UHMWPE Synthetic Rope resistant to water, oil and most chemicals
  • Covering: Heavy Duty Orange Polyester sheathing over entire rope including closed eyes
  • Ends: Closed Eye Loops fully sheathed on each end for easy connections
  • Colors: All Industrial Tow Ropes are covered in a Safety Orange sheathing.
  • Diameter : Many sizes available
  • Lengths: Many Lengths available – Custom lengths available by request
  • Breaking Strength: All Industrial Tow Ropes are certified for Minimum Breaking Strength

Fully Custom Industrial Tow Ropes are available upon request.

*Note: Straight Line pulls are when you are using the Tow Rope to pull a vehicle using constant even tension. Our Tow Ropes are not meant to be used in a recovery situation where hard yanking is needed, instead a Kinetic Recovery Rope would be needed for that situation.